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Here, we invite you to discover Hungarian wines!

I do hope you enjoy learning about our wines, gastronomy and culture while reading this guide. Only 100 years ago, Hungary was the third largest wine-producing country in the world, and the golden nectar of the Tokaj region has for much longer than that been a coveted sweet delicacy in royal courts around Europe. After a tumultuous 20th century, the new generation of winemakers are once again setting the bar high for quality Hungarian wines, and they are ready to show a modern face of the industry to the world.

In the last three decades, Hungary has proved its potential to produce wines of great character – at once familiar yet something new and unique, too; intriguing, but still very much European. It is an Old World to be rediscovered, rooted in a thousand years of tradition. Join us on this journey and enjoy Hungarian wines! Egészségedre! (Cheers!)
Zsuzsa Toronyi, CEO, Wines of Hungary UK

Map of Hungary wine regions

Hungary is a wine-producing country with hundreds of years of tradition and culture. This knowledge makes Hungarian wine – which has been consumed throughout Europe for centuries, from royal courts to the tables of Hungarian villages – truly unique.

It is believed that wine’s quality is determined by the grapes, the soil, sunshine hours, the amount of rainfall and the winemaker’s expertise, which collectively bring the blessed work of nature to perfection.

While enjoying a unique and excellent climate for wine production, Hungary produces wines nurtured by centuries of experience and innovative technologies. The constantly renewed product range also leads to a never-ending journey of discovery. In addition to a whole year of hard work and care in vineyard and winery, every bottle contains the joy of the present, the experience of the moment and the possibility of a successful future.

We believe in the competitiveness of Hungarian wines on the international market. Although our wine production volume is still small compared to our peers in the world , it is worth tasting all we have to offer; from the fragrant, light white wines to the full-bodied, complex reds through to the diverse rosés of our 22 wine regions, and finally Tokaji Aszú, the excellent natural sweet wines.

Come and visit our wonderful wine regions, wander in the vineyards and enjoy our wine dinners and cellar tours. You will learn in person about the fascinating stories of winemakers and the wines they make, the diversity of the vineyards and the unique values they uphold. Our winemakers complete the experience with their famous hospitality.

Start to discover Hungarian wines before taking a trip there. Don’t miss any opportunity you may have to taste the masterpieces that come from Hungarian landscapes – at festive tables as well as in everyday life, I am sure they will provide you with unforgettable moments.

Péter Ondré, CEO, Agricultural Marketing Center, Hungary